Announcing Fixed-Price Business Formation Packages
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June 30, 2020

Bridgeford is happy to announce the rollout of new fixed-price business formation packages.

There are some basic needs owners have during business formation, such as articles of incorporation, bylaws, operating agreements, board and shareholder consents, and employee and contractor agreements.

Depending on your needs, you may qualify for a project-based, fixed price structure as opposed to the traditional hourly rate attorneys typically bill.

Below are more details on the types of services Bridgeford can offer clients with fixed, transparent pricing agreed upon prior to the commencement of your project.

Limited Liability Company Formation

Whether you are a single or multi-member company, a limited liability company may be the right entity for you.

A limited liability company protects the personal assets of all members with potential tax advantages over a corporation, which is why this is the choice of most startups in business formation.

Delaware Corporation Formation

Businesses that intend to raise money from outside investors should consider incorporating in Delaware.  Many venture capitalists and other institutional investors require that their portfolio companies be a Delaware corporation.  This is because of the well-established Delaware corporate law (and related investment documents) and specialized courts.

According to NPR affiliate WHYY:

“[A]…major reason corporations choose to incorporate in Delaware is the quality of Delaware courts and judges. Delaware has a special court, the Court of Chancery, to rule on corporate law disputes without juries. Corporate cases do not get stuck on dockets behind the multitude of non-corporate cases. Instead, Delaware corporations can expect their legal disputes to be addressed promptly and expertly by judges who specialize in corporate law.”

In our initial consultation we will discuss the advantages of forming a corporation or limited liability company in your home state or Delaware.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Your business may need a confidentiality agreement for a number of reasons – including protecting your proprietary information from authorized disclosure by employees, contractors or other business partners.

Whatever the case, Bridgeford can help ensure your business is protected.

Employee and Contractor Agreements

When your business starts growing, you will be hiring on contractors or employees, which entails a lot of HR paperwork.

We can help you with employment agreements, contractor agreements, and non-competition and non-solicitation agreements.  We can also advise on terms for your new company’s employee handbook and policies.

Funding Your Company

At Bridgeford, we have extensive experience drafting, negotiating and closing financing rounds from angel investors, venture capital funds, family offices and traditional banks.

This experience is a critical benefit for the company founders, as there are many nuances to financing terms and most sophisticated investors and lenders will be using a large law firm to negotiate terms in their favor (at the expense of the founders).

Because financing and raising capital can be so complex, there are some limitations to fixed prices for capital raise projects.

Contact Bridgeford today to learn more about whether the scope of work you are looking for qualifies.

In order to assess if you and your business or project qualify for our fixed-price services, contact Bridgeford today.

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